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Get Up & Upside Down Workshop w/ Sergia

Have you completed both an Intro to Pole Series and at least one Learn to Climb & Spin Series? 

If you and your instructor feel like its time to introduce you to the world of inverts, or you are itching to add inversions to your pole world, this is the class for you.

Get ready to take your pole training to the next level.  This workshop will include both conditioning and technique to get to mastering your leg hangs, your invert from the floor, upside down hip holds, crucifix/bat, and the transitions you'll need to make them all flow from one thing to the next.


Completion of at least one Learn to Climb & Spin Series (suggested: complete several Learn to Climb & Spin Series)


student confident in spins on static pole, climbing and pole sits. 

Must Reserve Spot