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Contemporary Pole Choreo Showcase Performance Series WEDNESDAYS w/ Melina

Contemporary Pole Choreography. Progressive class focusing on a choreographed routine. Bring kneepads


Join Melina for 6 classes as she sets choreo on your group. Melina will prep you and get you ready for your group pole performance at The Vertitude Showcase on February 9th.


Optional Dress Rehearsal on Feb 8, 7:30pm

We hope you will join us on stage! But you may take this series even if you would like to opt out of the performance.



Completion of a Learn to Climb & Spin 4 Week Series, or, proficient in static spins, and pole sits.


Classes/Rehearsals meet the following dates:

Jan 2, 9, 16, 23, 30,

Feb 6