Sergia Louise Anderson

Sergia comes from a lifetime in the dance and performance world. Sergia brings this experience from the performance stage into the classroom, enabling students to find the energy in their own movement. Drawing on her background in salsa, ballet, jazz, contemporary and theater, she provides a firm technical foundation for innovative tricks and transitions, accessible to dancers at all levels.


Sergia found pole while dancing and acting professionally in New York and Los Angeles.  The pole became a grounding passion for Sergia and she founded The Vertitude Dance Studio in Los Angeles in 2011.  She made an international name for herself with her competition/performance routines, and quickly became one of the most sought after choreographers in the pole world, working with national and international stars to achieve their competition, performance, and pole goals in classes, private lessons, online, and through video conference appointments.  Her “Clown” routine that won her the title of US National Pole Champion in 2013 is one of the most widely shared pole videos in the industry demonstrating contemporary theatrical pole performance.  


Her dance and performance background gave her the ability to chameleon her way through all styles of pole from pole exotic, to pole sport, and was one of the key pioneers of the contemporary pole style, as well as creating an eclectic pole style of her very own. 


Sergia has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Drama from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. She is an Elevated, X-pert, Pilates and Yoga Certified Instructor.  She is sponsored by the pole manufacturers that lead the industry in safe and high quality poles:  Lupit Pole.


Her New York Theatre credits are far reaching including working with Broadway director Jerry Zaks in City Center Encores! Bye Bye Birdie. She has also appeared in numerous national commercials including spots for Verizon, Cascade, Chrysler and has co-starred in TV shows 3 lbs. and ABC's The Forgotten, as well as acting in re-ocurring roles on CBS's Guiding Light. Films include the lead in Tony Tango and The Company We Keep.


After 6 years of living on the road teaching her signature pole and dance workshops in over 30 countries, she decided to plant her roots in Northern California in 2017 to open a second Vertitude location and start a family.  She is passionate about bringing movement to EVERY BODY.  She is a forever seeker of movement, learning, exploration, inclusion and expansion.

Dancer, Choreographer, Master Instructor

US National Pole Champion

415 Davis St.

Santa Rosa, CA 95401

located within Arthur Murray Studio

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